Visitor Visa

Come.....Visit Canada.....

Canada welcomes thousands of visitors every year.

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A Visitor is a person intending to visit Canada on a short-term basis for either of the following:

  1. Tourism
  2. To visit Family and Friends
  3. For Business  or Work Purposes. 

The documents required for the application of a Visitor Visa are very basic and simple:

  1. A valid Passport
  2. Proof of Financial Support
  3. A Digital Photo
  4. IRCC Forms

Though the documents required are straight-forward, the onus is on the applicant to convince the Immigration Officer regarding strong ties to your country of residence/citizenship and that you would leave Canada by the end of the stipulated period of your stay.

If you are from a visa exempt country, and would like to visit or transit through Canada by air to another destination, you would need to have an approved eTA. However, if the citizens from visa exempt countries would like to visit Canada through land or sea, they do not need an eTA. 

Citizens & Permanent Residents (Green Card Holders) of the U.S. do not require an eTA or a Visitor Visa to visit Canada. They can travel with a valid U.S Passport and stay in Canada for a period up to 6 months. 

Extending your Visit: 

If you are already in Canada as a Visitor, and need to remain here for longer than 6 months, you must apply for an extension of Visitor Visa while your legal status is still valid. If the Visa Officer is convinced regarding your need to remain in Canada, you will be given an extension of status. 

You may be allowed visit Canada as a Business Visitor if you are able to satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  1. You do not plan to enter the Canadian Labor Market.
  2. You are visiting Canada to look for ways to grow your business or advance business relationships.
  3. Your business flagship center is outside of Canada. 
  4. You meet all the other requirements for a Visitor Visa to Canada. 

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