Open Work Permit -
Vulnerable Workers

Are you being abused by your employer? Worried that you may not be allowed to remain in Canada if you complain? 

Quit worrying!!!! Leave it to us!!! IRCC has made provisions for helping migrant workers facing the risk of abuse. 

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Abuse may be either physical, sexual, psychological or financial. Employees in Canada are to ensure that the workplace is free of abuse. However where that does not happen worker may be eligible to apply for an Open Work Permit. To do so, he/she must be able to provide evidence against the employer. 

If the allegations are supported by adequate evidence, an open work permit will be awarded to the worker, and IRCC also commences a compliance inspection of the employer. An onsite visit may also be conducted and if the employer is found inadequate, appropriate action is taken. 

Examples of abuse:

  1. Asking the worker to pay huge fees for securing the job. 
  2. Not paying wages for the worker.
  3. Harassing the worker (Verbally or Physically)
  4. Threatening the worker that he/she may lose the job if they complain about the difficulties being faced.
  5. Sexual abuse such as forcing or manipulating the worker to perform sexual acts. 



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