Express Entry

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Canadian Experience Class (CEC), which is a sub-section of Express Entry has been designed for those applicants who have previous Canadian experience, thereby making it largely favorable for applicants who are already in Canada or have been in Canada previously. 

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Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a part of the Express Entry System. The eligibility requirements for the Canadian Experience Class are different in many aspects. 

How are the eligibility requirements different in the Canadian Experience Class?

  1. Experience: At least 12 months of full-time experience or an equivalent part-time experience within the last 3 years is required. Experience must have been gained on a valid Work Permit in Skill Level “0”, “A” or “B” Occupations only.
  2. Settlements Funds: Applicants in the Canadian Experience Class are not required to show Proof Of Funds.
  3. Education: There is no education requirement for the CEC, however, a Canadian Certification, Diploma or a Degree will help improve your score to a great extent. If you hold an International Degree, an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for Immigration purposes will increase your score significantly.

An applicant is allowed to continue to live and work in Canada throughout the application process. In addition to this, individuals who do not currently live in Canada, but have lived and worked here previously are also eligible for Permanent Residence through this category, provided all other eligibility criteria have been met. 

I want to live in Quebec as a PR. Can I apply under Canadian Experience Class?

No, you can apply under the CEC only if you intend to live outside the Province of Quebec. To live in Quebec, an application must be made under one of the streams that is unique to Quebec Immigration, since the province of Quebec has its own Immigration Process. 


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