Why Imprint Immigration?

Imprint Immigration Services Inc. is a stalwart in the field of Canadian Immigration. We believe that individuals should not be held back, and that talents are not meant to be hidden. These should instead, be utilized in crossing boundaries. Our mission is to ensure that Permanent Residence in Canada is accessible to you through our straight-forward and trustworthy service.

Our team at Imprint believes in personalized service, and ensure that we consider your individual needs while guiding you through your journey to Canada. We believe in being honest and transparent while upholding values of integrity and professionalism. We strive to imprint in your lives, wonderful memories of immigrating to Canada. In associating with us, please be assured that you can always reach out to a listening ear, a helping hand and a guiding eye.

As a member in good standing with the ICCRC, our Registered Immigration Consultant and the team at Imprint Immigration are committed to guiding your immigration to Canada through the various streams that form the versatility of Canadian Immigration. 


Shirani Daniel is a Registered Canadian Immigration consultant (RCIC) and Commissioner of Oaths, Alberta, and is based in Edmonton, Alberta. Having moved to Canada as an immigrant herself, Shirani instituted Imprint immigration Services with the motto of providing honest immigration services and helping individuals achieve their Canadian dream. Her extensive knowledge of Canadian immigration laws and her hard working nature aimed at guiding and motivating eligible applicants is commendable, and has helped hundreds of applicants enter Canada.

She is an accomplished and proficient writer and public speaker and conducts regular seminars and webinars pertaining to Canadian immigration. She is backed by an efficient team, and her beautiful family. She’s an ardent traveler, and at leisure she loves to read, crochet or get immersed in music.