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Canada is calling you!!! Whether you want to Immigrate, Work or Study, we will help you achieve your Canadian dream by guiding you through the complex process of choosing the right immigration platform and the entire process of your application. 

Canada is the second largest country in the world, boasting of breathtaking natural views, and economy that is as mighty as the Rocky mountains that surround the country. Canada has a versatile job market, thereby, posing numerous opportunities for people from all walks of life. In addition to supporting you with a stable and strong economy, you and your family will be benefited from world-class education and high quality of life. The society in Canada is largely multicultural and this surely forms the right environment that you would want your children to grow up in.

Here are few of the numerous reasons why you should make Canada your home.

Strong and Stable Economy

Canada is an efficiently-run country, and has a constantly growing economy. It has been listed among the 10 wealthiest countries in the World.

High Employment Levels and Plenty of Job Opportunities

Canadian Job Market is booming with endless possibilities. 72 people out of 100 are employed, and this is one of the main reasons why Canada continues to attract Skilled Workers.

Affordable but High Quality Life

Wide open spaces, fresh air, beautiful lakes and the general security that the country provides has placed the average life expectancy in the country as 81 years. Canada always stands high on the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development) Quality of Life index.

Free World class Education for Your Child

The Education System in Canada is ranked among the World's best. Over 85% of the Canada's adult population have earned the equivalent of a High School Degree. This in turn, contributes to the country's growing economy.

Canada Child Care Benefits

Canada understands the importance of caring for children. To ease the burden of parents significantly, a tax free monthly payment is given for each child up to 18 years of age.

Excellent Health Care System

Canada believes that access to Healthcare is not a luxury, but a Human Right. In this context, Healthcare in Canada is publicly-funded, and available to all Canadians, irrespective of their social and financial status.


Canada is rated as the 6th safest country in the world. With the lowest crime rate, the country boasts of stringent weapon laws and a zero tolerance policy to crime.


1 out of every 5 Canadians is an Immigrant. The country is home to people from all over the World, who have chosen to settle in Canada. Canada's population comprises of people from various religious and cultural backgrounds. Canada offers a sense of belonging while allowing you to hold on to your ancestral culture.

Benefits & Coverage

Canada boasts of a generous network of assistance programs including, but not limited to, Maternal and Paternal benefits, Employee Insurance, The Canada Pension Plan, etc.


When you contribute 3 full years of your life towards the growth of Canadian economy, Canada rewards you with the fastest Citizenship process in the World. Become a Canadian Citizen in just 1095 days of living in Canada!!!

Canada also believes in religious and political freedom and Canadians are known to be the most peace-loving people.

WHY WAIT??? Bring your family with you to Canada! Live in a country you would be proud to call your own.


Want to know what your options are??? Complete our Free Assessment Form and get to know the available options specific to you within 1 business day.

An Immigration Consultant is equipped with in-depth knowledge of Immigration Laws, and is bound by ethical codes and professional guidelines. He/she should be Regulated by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and have an active status with the Council. You need the help and guidance of an Immigration Consultant for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. To assess if you are eligible to Visit, Study, Work or Immigrate to Canada.
  2. To help you choose the right Immigration platform. 
  3. To ease out your burden in filling numerous forms.
  4. To ensure that your application is complete and error-free.
  5. To simplify the list of required documents and help in submission of documents relevant to the application. 
  6. To help you with a re-application if you had  previous visa refusals.
  7. To help prepare you for an Interview with an Immigration Officer, when required.
  8. To follow the progress of your application after it has been submitted to the Immigration Office, and help you with additional requests, when necessary.
  9. To guide you when you want to come to Canada, but have a Criminal charge or conviction.
  10. To help restore legal status in Canada if you have lost status.
Alsiniza Dr
Alsiniza Dr
Excellent , efficient n reliable service with responsibility .They give Proper guidance to get Canadian visa according to our profile,reasonable service fee, 💯 satisfied client .
Alan Joseph
Alan Joseph
My experience with Imprint Immigration has been nothing short of superb. After extensively reviewing my education and work background, Shirani carefully identified and applied to a PR pathway best suited to my case. 6 months after Imprint submitted my application, I received an ITA. And 3 months after submitting my ITA documents, I received my CoPR. Shirani is a top-notch immigration consultant and her work speaks for itself. The support from the rest of the staff at Imprint throughout the application process has also been outstanding. I cannot recommend Imprint's services enough!
siva sakthi
siva sakthi
Imprint Immigration has been a great firm to consult with. I have always been given the right guidance when I approach them with my questions on Canadian immigration. They have a wonderful team, that is prompt and professional. Don’t think twice before choosing them.
Aaron Joseph
Aaron Joseph
I am very pleased to have had Shirani Daniel from Imprint Immigration work on my PR application. From the get-go she has been a paragon of professionalism, expertise, and dedication. My case was difficult as there were complexities related to education, travel and family history due to COVID. But Shirani took the time to understand my situation, provide solutions and answer questions that I had. She was also prompt in keeping me up to date on the status of my application. Thanks to her hard work I have now obtained permanent residency and am looking forward to starting a new life in Canada. I cannot recommend Shirani & Imprint Immigration enough! 5 Stars!
prable sharma
prable sharma
I would love yo say special thanks to shirani and the whole Imprint team because of their experience I was able got my Permanent residency in like 3 and half months the process was very smooth and professional so, I would recommend every to go there. Thank you again
Imran Panhwar
Imran Panhwar
We highly recommend Imprint Immigration Service. I have applied for Visit Visa in 2017 for my parents but it was unfortune that application was rejected. So for the second time one of our friend recommend to work with Shirani at Imprint. They have good reviews. We hired them and see we got visitor visa for my parents now. We did it and honestly, they did great job. Shirani, is very professional, she guided us to get all required documents. It is not possible for working professional to look which document needed or not. Due to COVID, immigration office is to slow, application which normally needed one month is getting more than seven months. I asked a lot of time during process and always got professional humble reply from Imprint team. I like their honesty and they have been really helpful and have done great job. They exactly know what to do. We trust Imprint and got approval for visa. Than you Imprint team. .
Shery Joy
Shery Joy
My sincere thanks to Shirani ma'am and team for all that you have done for me and I shall always be grateful. Still I remember, I have approached different immigration consultants to take up my visa process and all were reluctant by saying that it is sure for them that i won't get the visa approved because of my complicated profile. But Shirani ma'am was the first person to encourage me to proceed. And indeed she helped me with all the process right from the beginning, getting an admission from the college to the visa approval stage and even beyond that. it was only through her constant effort and hardwork that our dream become true . She advised us in each and every step of the visa process and was always available for us whenever we needed her. We wish Imprint immigrant team , all the success in the future. Thanks once again.
Jeswin Zachariah
Jeswin Zachariah
We want to sincerely thank the whole Team at Imprint Immigration, especially Ms. Shirani Daniel, for their exceptional service, support and guidance in our Canada PR application process. The team is highly professional and they truly care for their clients. They are very responsive to all our queries and have followed up with us on each and every step of our Immigration journey. They have helped us in organizing our documents from scratch to finish and eventually attaining the PR. I'd strongly recommend Imprint to all those who are planning to migrate to Canada. We wish the Imprint team all the best and a Big THANK YOU for all the help!!
Alan Joseph
Alan Joseph
I appreciate,for the work they have done for us and the referral that I've gave to them.they definitely a caring attorney, they been always result oriented and i never hesitate to recommend them to anyone.