Care Givers

Immigrate to canada

Canada is very welcoming to Caregivers. As a Caregiver, you have the option to come to Canada and work temporarily while working your way to Permanent Residence. 

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The previous caregiver program. “Live in Caregiver Program” is currently closed to new applicants. Instead, the Government has rolled out two new Pilot programs in this regard:

  1. Home Child Care Provider Pilot
  2. Home Support Worker Pilot

These are 5 year Pilot Programs which enable qualified Caregivers to come to Canada along with their spouses & children on temporary status and also allow them to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada when they meet the eligibility requirement.

If you are applying for this program from outside Canada and if you meet all the other eligibility criteria, an application for Permanent Residence may be submitted along with the Work Permit application. If your application is approved, you will be given an occupation-restricted Open Work Permit, allowing you to work for any employer. 

Once you complete 24 months of qualifying experience, you can send proof of the same to the IRCC, thereby completing your application for Permanent Residence in Canada.

While you work as a Home Child Care Provider or a Home Support Worker, your spouse may be eligible for an Open Work Permit and your children, if any, will be allowed to study in Canada.

To be eligible to apply for Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker Pilot, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.
  2. Meet language requirements.
  3. Meet education requirements.
  4. Prove that you are able to perform the job duties.
  5. Be admissible to Canada. 

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