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The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has announced temporary suspension of Biometrics for all inside Canada applicants. This enables processing of all Temporary Residence Applications for those who are already in Canada, without further delay, thereby, clearing the huge backlog of applications that have been placed on hold owing to Biometrics.

This change, however, does not apply for applications made from outside Canada. Most Biometrics collection centers continue to remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and unfortunately those applicants outside Canada will have to wait until the centers re-open.

The payment fee has also been temporarily suspended. If you have already paid the fees, it will automatically be refunded when the application is finalized. Applicants have been asked to ignore the automated Biometrics Instruction Letter, in case it is received, until further notice.

Biometrics For Permanent Residence Applications:

All Permanent Residence Applicants are still required to give Biometrics, irrespective of whether the applicant resides inside or outside of Canada. However, no application will be refused even if you are unable to provide the Biometrics within the time period indicated on your instruction letter. The extension is automatically implied, and you may use the same letter when the centres open.

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